3 Ways To Get Your Mojo Back

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Remember how you felt on those good days? The days when you could just wake up and everything seemed to fall into place. You don’t have to be old to feel the effects of mojo depletion. I have felt it many times since entering my 30′s and although I haven’t figured out yet how it goes, I do know that there are some ways I can get it back.

Mjo picThe word “mojo” derives from an African language and relates to magic and spells to generate luck and power. In today’s language, the word still refers to a  source of vigor, energy, sexual potency and power.

If you feel tired, burned out, sad for no reason, frumpy, bored or stressed-out about anything and everything in life, you may have lost your mojo.

Sometimes just making some small life changes can release some toxins you hold inside and get your mojo back so that you can begin to feel more energy and enthusiasm about yourself and all that this beautiful world has to offer.

1. Hang out with only the best people you know~  Be with people who motivate you, uplift you, want the best for you, and who are just fun to be around. If there are people in your life who drain you or make you uncomfortable, this is the time to put them on hold until you reclaim your mojo. Don’t isolate yourself. Go out with fun people and have some fun.

2. Change your thinking~ When you are down on your mojo, your mind likes to take over with negative thoughts, worry, and over-thinking. You have to treat your unruly mind the way you would a puppy or small child. Every time it spirals off into negative thinking, redirect your thinking to positive memories or thoughts, gratitude or anything pleasant. You will have to do this many times until your mind knows you mean business. Before long, it will be natural for you to redirect negative thinking patterns.

ways-to-make-a-friend-smile3. Remember the good old days~ Right now, go grab a pen and paper. Think about the times in your life when you really had fun, and write them down. Go over the events in your head and mentally re-live these fun and happy times. Circle some of these activities that you might want to enjoy again. Then pick a couple and go do them!

Do you have any other ways that you go about getting your “mojo” back? I’d love to hear your suggestions.




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7 thoughts on “3 Ways To Get Your Mojo Back

  1. I wonder which African language that is. :-) I agree with all three points you mentioned and I am talking from experience here because I recently got my “mojo” back, after a long break, by doing exactly what you suggested. Reading motivating productivity quotes is another way that helps me get my “mojo” back when I am feeling down.

  2. Some other tips for getting back your mojo, which worked for me:
    1. Listen to upbeat tunes — I have a playlist called “Go Mode” which I play when I need a pick-me-up.
    2. Organize something, even if it’s just a junk drawer. Something about completing a small project, along with the act of “making things right”, can sometimes put me back on solid ground.
    3. Don’t feed the beast. Negativity is a hungry animal and feeding it more insults and downers only encourages an elongated visit. “Happy is a Choice” means that you have to actively NOT feed the beast, and instead go looking for your lost kitten or puppy or whatever cute little pet is hiding under the couch in your brain, fearfully waiting for the meanie-pants ogre to go away. Never feed the beast.
    Churchill’s suggestion to read motivational quotes is a good one, too! :)

    • Great ones Andi. I also love to listen to music as well to get my “mojo” back. I don’t know if organizing would be one of my choices as it is too close to cleaning for my taste. LOL Thanks for the comment friend :)

      • In a family situation these days, babysitting(no salary) , driving an adult around daily, keeping house chores up. Good husband, faithful but does nothing around the house or yard cant even wash the car! Recently sold my home…for financial reasons (change of income). Feeling lower then whale Sh#t. Totally depressed & unhappy with zero sex life, and its showing, gaining weight – no energy- no enthusiasm- no drive-no creativity!! Gave up on asking for sex. Apparently, viagra is out of the question for my husband, because it costs too much, What!!! But, when he had a drug addiction It was OK to spend $$$ WTF..I’m very disappointed in the way things are right now.

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