His Unconditional Love

We seem to see it in a lover’s smile, a friends laughter, and a child’s admiring gaze.

Blindly searching day after day, we search for the perfect mate. Thinking this will be our forever, our key to happiness. 

All the while, we never notice, He is there all along. Watching, waiting, helping, caring, loving and forgiving, all of our many wrongs. 

Even when we choose to go it alone, He is there. He helps us when we are broken. He heals our broken hearts. He waits patiently for us to notice, He is with us, through it all. 

When will we stop to realize, He is our friend, our creator, our everything. 

He is our God. 

Always with us, always faithful, always there to lend a hand. 

You ask for unconditional love, well I tell you this now, you have had it next to you this whole time, you simply need to open your eyes and turn around. 

Written by: Debbie DeVita

October 13th 2012




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